who are we ? why shop with us ?

Why would you choose for us ?

We all can agree that there is choice enough on the internet to shop even in the beauty and healthcare segment , but after years working together with  experienced hair brands we decided to follow another path as studies proven that hair and skin only can come to its full strength by avoiding chemical additives in  hair products like shampoo etc. … So we created the first Hair dedicated shop that only works with natural , certified products .

We have specialized knowledge and experience in this branch as all of out products are tested by our self , and have done dermatological testing  before we put them on the shop what ever brand or product it is before we advertise and sell it , we test it intensely to see if it meet our high requirements  , and to provide you with the best advise .

We are the home base for several other shops that ship and buy thru our shop.

Personal follow up for each costumer , with us a costumer is not an order number or even a costumer , you’re as a person will be central so even whiteout buying something you always can mail us for the best advise , so even if we don’t have a solution in store we will try our best to create one or find one that fits you the best .

Care less shipment , as other shops advise 1 weeks shipping we are transparent with the client , and follow up your shipment from day 1 and provide you with all the necessary information  of the process from payment to order to shipping , as shipping takes up 1-2 weeks with priority and normal shipping 2-3 weeks for most countries, so why is this ? well most of our products are send from the factory direct to the costumer  so with no middlemen or stops ? why is this ? well simple reason as we are fully aware of the environment we want to avoid logistic shipment that makes transfers to different locations or store stock as this generates more emissions and overproduction of products that are not yet been sold , with us it’s an equal   Demand and supply ratio .

Simple pricing , all prices are included import fees and taxes , And above 20,00 Euro we provide free shipping , just use at the check out the coupon FS2019 , and we ship your order for free .

So who are why ?

We started in 2006 in Belgium Europe with a small  fysical shop founded by Bjorn Van Der Sijp , soon we saw that people are paying more attention to the proper fabricated products then the mainstream ones our shop was very successfully that in 2008 we started to scale at larger levels and started to Ship from our store to the entire BENELUX , not soon after at the end of 2008 we expended to entire Europe , until 2012 our shop was bought up by a famous retailer that token over our services and goods .

In 2018 we started to do a comeback to a more niche market we travel to the production country’s and did a long and intensive  market research to conclude the same thing over and over again , people are more favorable to buy Natural products instead of the unlimited supply of chemical hair products , this was the beginning of a changeling adventure as to find those natural products and provide them to costumer as the supply in this niche is so limited …in 2019 we found the beauty of the Canary Islands that provide us all the Ingredients that we need together with the Expertise of the famous dermatological institutes and of course not to forget the home of the Aloe Vera plant , this made Tenerife the ideal hub to test our products wit the years of knowledge provided by the local institutes and farms.

Whats in the pipeline for 2020 ?

  • Opening up an office in Belgium to expand to our Benelux costumers Q1 2020
  • Brand launch of our own product line made in our co-founded factory Q2 2020
  • Preparing for the Block chain future ,Crypto payments on chain products Q2 2020
  • Expanding in Europe Q4 2020
  • Shop and earn on the block chain Q4 2020
  • Opening a Hair Treatment centrum Q2 2021